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Video of Hunner's lesion at cystoscopy with hydrodistension


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By moving your mouse pointer on the video image and pressing the right mouse button, a menu
will pop-up that allows you to rewind the video, to play the video again, zooming in and out etc.
This section is under construction.
Our purpose is to provide more clinical information on the patients and explanation of the video's.
click below to go to the corresponding video
Patient 1: 24-year-old female
Patient 2: 21-year-old female
Patient 3: 48-year-old male
Patient 4: 58-year-old female
Patient 5: 76-year-old male
Patient 6: 36-year-old female
Patient 7: 65-year-old female
Patient 8: Hunner's lesion
Patient 9: 40-year-old female
Patient 10: 40-year-old female  
Patient 11  
Patient 12  
Patient 13  
Patient 14: Hunner's lesion  
Patient 15: Hunner's lesion  
Patient 16: Hunner's lesion  
Patient 17: Hunner's lesion  
Patient 18: Hunner's lesion  
Patient 19: Hunner's lesion  
Patient 20: Hunner's lesion  
Patient 21: Hunner's lesion at office cystoscopy  
Patient 22: Hunner's lesion at office cystoscopy  
Patient 23: Hunner's lesion at office cystoscopy and after hydrodistension  
Patient 24: Hunner's lesion at office cystoscopy and after hydrodistension  
Patient 25: Hunner's lesion at office cystoscopy, after hydrodistension and continuation  
Patient 26: Hunner's lesion  
Patient 27: Hunner's lesion  
images of Hunner's lesions  
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